Business Writing: Essentials

Essentials of English Grammar I

Need a refresher in basic grammar usage? In this fundamentals class, you will build your confidence and your writing skills by reviewing the essentials of the eight parts of speech, sentence patterns and basic punctuation. We’ll also cover the most common grammatical errors and develop an action plan for your continued improvement. We'll use Elements of Style by Strunk & White as a reference tool.

Essentials of English Grammar II

This workshop builds on the basics learned in Essentials of English Grammar I. Through hands-on writing exercises and activities, we will practice the skills of writing correctly, clearly and concisely. Using the Elements of Style as a reference, you will learn how to recognize and correct errors in syntax and punctuation. You will also practice writing sentences and developing paragraphs for easy reading.


Quality documents make a first and lasting impression on your customers. Why put your company’s image and reputation at risk by sending sloppy documents? Train your support staff to be your internal editors by giving them the practical skills they need to professionally, quickly and confidently edit the work of others. We’ll also review proofreaders’ marks, spelling and grammar usage.


Clear, concise memos, letters and emails make good business sense. They attract and engage audiences, leave a professional impression and get results. In this workshop, you will learn how to write clearly and concisely, target a specific audience, develop a purpose statement and more. Through hands-on exercises and practice, you will also discover how to create strategic documents quickly and effortlessly.
*** Tailored programs for Technical and Sales audiences available.

Taming the Email Tiger

Overwhelmed by email overload? How do you tackle the challenges posed by this time-consuming medium? In this workshop, you will (1) build your written communication skills;(2) learn how to manage your email in-box; and (3) understand the principles of netiquette. You will also compose emails that you will proofread and email during class.

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Business Writing: Advanced

Communicating Strategically

Writing to persuade requires a sound strategy. To achieve the results you’re after, you must analyze your audience, develop your message and test it. Through exercises, discussion and practice, your managers and executives will learn how to reach resistant and unresponsive audiences. We will discuss audience analysis in depth and address on-the-job scenarios


PowerWriting: Presentations

How do you create a presentation? Where do you begin? How do you support your viewpoint? How can you best persuade your audience to take action? Whether a formal or an informal presentation, planning is essential. In this workshop, learn how to assess your audience, develop and organize an effective presentation, and create impactful visuals.
*** Tailored programs for Technical and Sales audiences available.

PowerWriting: Professional Reports

Writing reports can be a grueling task, one that takes up too much time and energy. However, it can be a cinch once you understand your purpose, your audience and their needs. Learn how to focus and structure your data and organize it for optimum effectiveness. We’ll also cover the importance of accuracy in business writing since business reports are used as decision-making tools.
*** Tailored programs for Technical and Sales audiences available.

PowerWriting: Teamwriting

Take your team's writing skills to the next level. When your team collaborates on creating proposals, reports or presentations, the content, style, voice and format should be consistent. By developing a common understanding of your purpose, audience and overall outcomes, you can create powerful documents that flow smoothly and sound like a single writer produced it. In this workshop, you will learn how to divide and conquer, adhere to a style sheet and write it right the first time – together. 

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Business Writing: Sales & Marketing

Mastering Marketing Communications

Perhaps you’re new to marketing. Or, maybe you’re a techie who needs to write with a sales flair. This workshop introduces you to a simple creative writing process. Through lecturettes, interactive discussions and writing exercises, you’ll receive the tools you need to develop persuasive marketing communications collateral that elicits action.

PowerWriting: Executive Summaries

Information overload affects us all. More and more, managers are crying out for executive summaries that tell the story in one page. Learn an easy process for writing efficient and effective executive summaries that convince, communicate and clarify. Don’t let your important report findings and proposals land in the recycle bin; make sure they are read, understood and acted upon.

Writing for Publications

Are you responsible for writing or contributing to the company newsletter or e-zine? Writing snappy copy that attracts your audience’s attention and gives them a reason to continue reading can be challenging. Not anymore. Learn how to engage audiences by analyzing successful publications, including e-zines, magazines and newsletters, and practice writing fresh, inviting stories.

Writing Sizzling Sales Letters & Emails

Spend less time at the keyboard and more time with your customers by learning how to write persuasive, strategic documents that sell. This workshop arms you with the skills you need to write persuasive letters and emails that are clear, concise and action based. Best of all, you will learn to compose your communications in up to 50% less time, which gives you more time to do what you do best: sell.

Writing Winning Proposals

Proposals that win business don’t just tell—they sell. Stand out from your competitors by creating focused, well-constructed proposals that (1) answer the prospect’s questions effectively; (2) demonstrate clear thinking; (3) contain a strategic focus; and (4) differentiate your organization. We will select an in-class project based on the types of proposals you create. For example, we can write an executive summary, revise an existing proposal, design a new template or write a section of a new proposal.

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