Presentation Skills

Does performance anxiety prevent you from presenting to your potential? Perhaps you’re unsure how to manage audience dynamics? Or, you don't know whether your presence is working for or against you. Our presentation skills classes combine fundamental skills for success with opportunities for learning the latest trends for imparting information and generating dialogue.

Whether you are new to presenting or a veteran in need of polishing a few rough spots, we can help you reach your potential as a presenter. Our workshops, which include coaching, will help you develop confidence, handle difficult situations with ease and forge memorable connections with your audiences.

Presentation Skills: Essentials

PowerPresenting I
Are you presenting with authority? Are you sending the right message to your audience? Powerful presentation skills are acquired through observation, evaluation and practice. Using exercises and ‘live’ feedback, you will learn seven key delivery skills, including effective posture, gestures and movement. In addition to managing your physical self, you will also discover how to engage audiences, get to the point and create a well-organized presentation.
*** Tailored programs for Technical and Sales audiences available.

PowerPresenting II
This course builds on the skills learned in PowerPresenting I with a focus on how to persuade your audience to take an action or adopt your viewpoint. You will also learn how to handle Q&A sessions, manage hostile audiences, reduce your reliance on notes and create/interact with visuals. All presentations will be videotaped for in-class critique and in-the-moment improvement.
*** Tailored programs for Technical and Sales audiences available.

Presentation Skills: Advanced

Advanced PowerPresenting
Leaders face a variety of unique presentation situations that require adaptability. For example, giving a congratulatory presentation to the sales team requires a different approach than delivering good or bad news to the entire company. Taping a video clip or a radio sound bite requires yet another skill set. In this advanced course, you will learn how to handle all of these situations comfortably and confidently.

Delivering Dynamic Workshops (for Non-Trainers)
As jobs change and re-training is needed, more and more managers and supervisors are being required to conduct training. Without formal training, it is difficult – if not impossible – to meet required learning objectives that yield lasting results. During this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of adult learning theory, interactive techniques for enlivening training and ways to use different media for optimum impact. Most importantly, you will gain practice conducting a portion of a workshop and receive videotaped feedback on your performance.

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