Leadership: Essentials

Accountability in the Workplace

How often do we encounter organizations, departments and individuals who operate with a victim mentality—blaming everyone and everything for their problems? Everyone loses when this becomes acceptable behavior. Developing an environment of personal accountability can be the solution to the blame game mentality. When people start to focus on solutions and on giving and receiving effective feedback, everybody wins.

Creating Collaboration from Conflict

Based on the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project, this workshop provides insights into the potential magic of conflict. Discover sound ways to understand the real issues and how to cope with difficult people. Learn how to keep a grip on your own emotions and figure out how to help others maintain their composure and perspective. Disagreements may be inevitable but the destructive effects of conflict are not.

Integrating Sales into Your Culture

Since sales determine the financial success of every company, why do we relegate the job to a small group of people? By creating a sales culture, your organization gains multiple opportunities to identify potential buyers of your products and services. Learn how to develop effective networking strategies, define roles (even the receptionist has one), set goals and improve active listening. Everyone in your organization will be able to identify leads and contribute to your organization's profitability.

Negotiation Survival Training

Nearly every transaction in life relies on effective negotiation skills; however, we don't always notice the need to refine our skills until we feel we have not been heard, our needs were not met, or we were exploited in some way. This powerful workshop explores the skills and strategies of negotiations from competitive, traditional bargaining, to collaborative, mutual-gains negotiation. The session is interactive, experiential and fun, and will help you improve your negotiation techniques and results through role plays, negotiation exercises and presentations.


Accelerate your networking capabilities by attending this fast-paced workshop that gives you the tools to expand your professional network. Learn how to develop strategies to engage potential clients, create alliances and develop collaborative business relationships. PowerNetworking helps you make the connections you need to reach higher levels of productivity, increase your visibility and generate greater leadership opportunities.

Promoting Positive Relationships

Every organization and individual seems to struggle with those difficult people we find around every corner. Looking at all of these people as roadblocks will set us up for failure. Discover ways to use perspective and compassion to clear the road to success.  

SMART Conversations� - Practices for Effective Conversations

Based on the work of David Bohm and other thought leaders, our workshops provide a toolkit for building and sustaining effective relationships inside and outside of work. Discover the intricacies of the human “Belief Map” and examine your own filters, assumptions and emotional “Trigger Styles.” Learn why many perspectives are better than one and how to create synergy and unparalleled performance for your team and organization.

Leadership: Advanced

Advanced Negotiation Training

How do you manage high-stakes, complex negotiations, or negotiate effectively with traditional hard bargainers? This workshop provides skills and tools for managing difficult negotiations. We will examine hard bargaining tactics and countermeasures, look at the psychology of negotiations, and discuss ways of transforming negotiations from competition to collaboration. This session is interactive, experiential, and fun, and will provide you with techniques for managing difficult negotiations and negotiators.

Building Effective Coaching Skills

Coaching is a buzzword that we’re all familiar with but do we really know what it means when it comes to helping colleagues reach their potential? Is it sugarcoating problem areas? Avoiding criticism and confrontation? What is the role of today’s successful coach? In this workshop, you will learn what it means to be a good coach and how to be authentic when approaching your direct reports. Using role-play techniques and actual situations, we will videotape and constructively critique one another’s effectiveness. At the end of this class, you will be equipped with new communication strategies to make a positive contribution.

Facilitating Effective Meetings

No one enjoys sitting through long, boring meetings with no clear beginning, no end in sight and few, if any, accomplishments. After this workshop, you will be able to (1) demonstrate effective facilitation techniques; and (2) behave as an effective meeting participant. By building awareness of your facilitation strengths and weaknesses, you will improve your ability to perform effectively and create a trusting, participative environment.

Leadership: Teambuilding

Teambuilding for Effectiveness and Success

What is a simple, foolproof way to improve organizational performance? What approach has worked over and over again since people first traded products and services thousands of years ago? The answer: better relationships. Building better relationships means understanding mutual interests and needs, linking them to expected business results, developing a meaningful tactical plan and executing the plan.

Through the process of teambuilding, a group can analyze and build a better understanding of the dynamics that exist among team members and the impact these dynamics have on accomplishing tasks. Team members can use this understanding to work together towards greater effectiveness and growth. Teambuilding can help group members fortify their strengths and take better advantage of opportunities for improvement and productivity.

Teambuilding objectives are determined based on the needs of the team and key stake holders and can include:

  • clarifying and refocusing the team’s roles and responsibilities
  • reducing potential conflict with members of another team
  • generating guidelines for confronting conflict within the team
  • receiving feedback on personal styles of handling conflict
  • developing a better understanding of the wants and needs of other teams
  • resolving issues and concerns in work relationships
  • creating a mission and purpose designed to guide work in the future
  • gaining insight into how one’s own team is perceived by others

Teambuilds are custom designed to provide a structure for creating short-term results and long-term relationships. Length will be determined based on a group needs assessment. The workshop design allows for shared accountability and group learning through experiential activities conducted in a relaxed, non-threatening environment.
*** Note: at least one 90-day follow-up session is required.

Leadership: Workshop Series

Power of Professionalism™ Series

What does it mean to behave professionally in today’s business environment? Does it mean keeping your promises and being accountable? Demonstrating a positive attitude? Challenging adversity assertively? Treating everyone you encounter with respect? Teams, departments and entire organizations can take this opportunity to create their own mission/vision statement and common code of conduct. The highest levels of the organization are encouraged to create or re-energize their definition of professionalism to use as a framework for this impactful training.

Working collaboratively, groups will share their thoughts and develop their own definition of professionalism. At the workshop series completion, each team member will create a personal action plan to move the group’s vision forward. Sessions include

  1. Understanding Professionalism
  2. Practicing Professional Business Approaches
  3. Exhibiting a Professional Demeanor
  4. Adopting Professional Excellence in the Workplace
  5. Challenging Negativity…Learning Optimism
  6. Making Accountability a Workplace Anchor 
  7. Moving the Power of Professionalism Forward

*** NOTE: Each session in this series may be customized as a stand-alone workshop.

Keys to Customer Service Success™ Series

Studies show that companies with high customer satisfaction ratings generally are more profitable and fail less often than those with low scores. Building a business based on sound internal and external customer service principles is an excellent way to re-engage a business. This workshop will look at the critical concepts of excellent customer service from a variety of industries and perspectives. Sessions include
  1. Understanding Yourself and Your Impact on Customers
  2. Defining Excellence Internally and Externally
  3. Overcoming the 7 Deadly Sins of Customer Service
  4. Developing Phenomenal Phone and Email Skills: You are the Company
  5. Learning to Take the Heat
  6. Taking Responsibility: Avoiding the Quack-Quack Syndrome
  7. Listening Effectively and Engaging Your Curiosity

*** NOTE: Each session in this series may be customized as a stand-alone workshop.

Leadership Tools for Success™ Series

The Leadership Tools for Success Series engages successful organizations, teams and individual contributors in learning or relearning critical foundational success skills. These sessions address the key personal and leadership skills every organization needs to be competitive. The series features opportunities to apply learnings to the workplace and culminates with a mini teambuilding session. The result: the beginnings of a culture of success, accountability and a positive focus in the work culture.
  1. Understanding Yourself and Other Animals in the Workplace
  2. Using Effective Listening Skills and the Art of Questioning
  3. Mastering Change
  4. Resolving Workplace Conflict
  5. Neutralizing Negativity
  6. Revitalizing the Workplace Starting With Yourself
  7. Teaming For Success

Linking Feedback to Solution™ Series

This training and intervention strategy consists of an initial teambuilding/training session that focuses on developing feedback skills and provides an opportunity to begin offering feedback to key leaders. The overview, including feedback tools, is then delivered to the next selected level of the organization, which also identifies organizational blockers to success.

Once these blockers have been identified our consultants work with the appropriate highest level of the organization to develop support for individual problem-solving teams. These teams are trained in problem-solving methods and work to provide cross-organizational solutions to resolve critical issues in the organization.

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